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Acadia Vacation Planner

Why should I pay for this GPS information? Don't GPS units come with Points of Interest ?

While it is true that most GPS units come with millions of points of interest (POIs), it is difficult to determine which ones are pertinent to where you want to go and why you may want to go there. AVP provides POIs specific to Bar Harbor and the Acadia region of Maine as well as a PDF Booklet that has information for all of the points. Because of the large amount of data provided by the manufacturers, it is difficult for them to maintain accuracy since many businesses close, go out of business, it is not their primary business function, etc. Also, they frequently do NOT include many points that do not have a physical address, such as a trailhead (where you can begin hiking on a trail in Acadia National Park). All of my points are verified for accuracy, and I will offer a full refund if any of the points get you lost.