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Acadia Vacation Planner

What are some of the reasons I should use AVP?

Reason 1 : Save Time

It takes a long time to plan a vacation. Hundreds of websites to search for, unfamiliarity with the particular area, what is there to do while you are there, and the list goes on. And, while you are on vacation, do you want to spend YOUR valuable vacation time wandering around looking for places? Why not take advantage of the research I have already done.

Reason 2 : Save Gas

Okay, we all know that gas prices aren't going down any time soon - if ever. For the price of 2 gallons of gas (as of summer, 2008 - I'll try to update this as prices increase!), you can have peace of mind that you will get where you want EFFICIENTLY. My GPS information is good for you... and the environment

Reason 3 : GPS Technology

If you are not familiar with GPS, you can read this for a very brief overview. As the technology improves, prices keep coming down and the information gets more and more accurate. Paper maps will be a thing of the past in the next couple of years. Small portable GPS units can provide turn by turn directions and a multimedia "tour" of where you are and where you are going with audio files (coming soon to AVP!). No more trying to decide if "You should stop and ask for directions." The 2 major rental car companies now offer GPS as an option - and within 3 years this will be probably be a standard service.