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My Top 10 Favorites in Natural Healing;

1-PH balance- Acid/Alkaline balance. The American diet is too acidic, add alkaline foods daily. My smoothie includes organic cucumber, celery, parsley/cilantro, jicama. Then, substitute to taste: spinach, carrots, beet, banana, blueberries, mango or whatever fruit you have.

2-Probiotics, Prebiotics, fermented food, digestive enzymes:
Digestion is 70% of the immune system. It is constantly harmed by antibiotics in the food supply and toxic chemicals, glyphosate and heavy metals. PB8 is my favorite shelf stable probiotic. Sweet potatoes and jicama are my favorite prebiotic, Essential Enzymes is my favorite digestive enzyme.

3-Nutritional yeast:
B vitamin complex for energy, stamina, and brain food. I can't get through the day without it. Two teaspoons in 1/8 cup water. Taste is bitter, swallow quick and chase with water.

4-Mega-dose Vitamin
C can cure all known disease according to Dr. Thomas Levy. Dr. Levy says the only failure of Vitamin C is inadequate dosage; healthy individual 4,000-10,000mcg, serious illness 50,000-150,000 mcg. In critical care, intravenous high dose may take 20-60 days. See “Proof Vitamin C Miracle Cure?

the body's mega protector/defender and number 1 antioxidant . Support glutathione with organic broccoli, spinach, apples, garlic, avocado, citrus, pear, parsley, asparagus.

6-Coconut Oil
- Cured my oral infection and tooth ache by "oil pulling". Used to reverse Alzheimer's. Coconut Oil is nature's richest source (followed by breast milk) of healthy Medium Chain Fatty Acids. Mix 2 tablespoons with oatmeal or cereal, butter substitute for potatoes and vegetables.

- Nature's most powerful substance, found in breast milk. Bovine colostrum capsules can speed the healing of the human body and the immune system.

8-Vaccinations contain neurotoxins and carcinogens
; aluminum, mercury and formaldehyde along with life saving antibodies. Multiple vaccine doses have never been tested. Education about benefits and risks is important. Doctors usually advise that "vaccines are safe", many do not know their harmful ingredients. Learn how to deal with an adverse vaccine reaction (never use Tylenol which reduces glutathione). Doctors and drug manufacturers are protected in vaccine lawsuits. Documentaries: Vaxxed, Trace Amounts, Bought, The Truth About Vaccines.

9- Toxic heavy metals
are pervasive in our world (water, air, vaccines, dental fillings, fish, cookware, cosmetics, building materials, dry cleaning) and at the heart of many health problems. Amalgam/mercury fillings can be removed. Resources: Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt , Dr. Christopher Shade, Dr. Dale Bredesen

10- For any health ailment, try eliminating wheat and dairy from the diet for 2 weeks and see if there is an improvement. Even in you test negative for Celiac, a mild wheat sensitivity can cause havoc.

I am not a doctor or scientist. I have been exploring natural healing for 50 years, since my college roommate told me about Nutritional Yeast and acidophilus which dramatically improved my health. I am skeptical of mainstream medicine which is contaminated by pharmaceutical money in medical school, research and continuing education for physicians. Pharma money "owns" the media, providing 70% of advertising revenue, so we will rarely hear about natural healing from mainstream sources. There is plenty of scientific academic research (Silicon Valley Health Institute is a favorite) about natural/nutritional healing on the internet, YouTube and other social media, where Pharma has little or no influence . Find a Naturopathic physician via the AANP at, Chiropractor at A doctor of Integrative Medicine will be more open minded and well informed about blending mainstream medicine with healing protocols from other disciplines. Using all 3 or more practitioners might be ideal.